Most Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Grand Cayman

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Coffee is life…literally. I know that applies to many of you, because duh it’s coffee, and no we aren’t addicted… we just like the taste.

Wake up and smell the coffee is my routine most mornings if not every morning. The thought of waking up to a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee or arriving at your favorite coffeehouse to hear your barista shout “Small Latte with Regular Milk?'“ is the music to my ears… so now you’ve found your favorite coffeehouse, you now have a great barista, so let’s take a look at the most unique, incredibly decorated and over-the-top coffee shops that have made my "Instagram cut" as the '‘most instagrammable coffee shops'“.

These coffee shops will not only add to the perfected aesthetic of your “insta” feed but also document another cool experience for your followers to envy.

Not in any particular order, go and get those photos for the ‘gram. I should mention that the title of this post is a tad bit misleading; a few of the spots on my list aren’t technically “coffee shops”.


Kaibo Beach espresso

It is on the beach. That. Is. All.

Kaibo Espresso is said to be Cayman’s number one beach cafe, and I whole heartily agree! Not only do they serve quality coffee, and wee knickknacks, Kaibo Espresso sources quality from the seed, the beans are grown in Concordia, Colombia, shipped to a roaster in Miami, FL and then packed and shipped to Cayman, the same day. Impressive!

The artisans at Kaibo Espresso are passionate about the environment, re-usable cups, recyclable packaging and recycling the coffee grounds are encouraged. And get this, Kaibo’s Espresso Blend pulls syrupy shots full of pure chocolate and caramel with a hint of vanilla followed with bright citrus notes of orange peel, key lime and grapefruit. Yum!

So grab that re-usable cup, fill it with the “Espresso Blend”, and head to the beach. Their may be a hammock with your name on it.

Photos by GyalAbroad

Tillie’s at Beach Suites

Recently renovated, Tillie’s is the new kid on the block… or in Cayman, the beach. Located at Beach Suites along Seven Mile Beach, Tillie’s overlooks the picturesque waters of the Caribbean Sea. Tillie’s serves classic Caribbean dishes with a twist, inspired by local produce, seafood, and farms.

Tillie’s is ca-uuttee and its tots ‘gramble! Grab your coffee, latte, cup of tea and head to the beach, not to mention the waiters and waitresses can come down to the beach and serve your favorite drink or dish!

After you’ve sipped on your coffee or cocktail, mosey around Beach Suites, because the yellow and white decor, poolside chess, and palm trees… you will never leave!

Photos by GyalAbroad

Boggy Sands caribbean kitchen

Lush foliage oozes out of this quaint cafe. Covered in plants, and touches of green and yellow, Boggy Sand is perfect for the ‘gram.

Not exactly a coffee shop, Boggy Sands Caribbean Kitchen serves authentic Caribbean fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The one page menu features fresh local produce, my favorite is the Callaloo & Salted Cod with fried dumplings and plantains and a latte of course.  

Photos by GyalAbroad

Gelato & co.

This is the perfect little Italian cafe. Gelato & Co. Cremeria serves Italiana’s authentic, handcrafted Italian ice creams, sorbets, desserts and coffee! The cremeria has a selection of teas and coffees, with the option of indulging in over 26 delectable gelato flavours, cakes or pudding from the dessert bar, or opt for a dairy- and fat-free sorbet – often made using seasonal local fruit.

Photos by GyalAbroad

South West Collective

South West Collective can be found overlooking the Caribbean Sea in central George Town. Come for the coffee, stay for the view! Not only does this cute cafe, offers a selection of teas, coffees, not to mention the good food, but it also has a bar! Yes a bar!

South West Collective is usually on my weekend to do list, breakfast, brunch, and lunch! You can usually find me eating their White Smoked Bean Shakshuka with two pouched eggs, chorizo topped with avocado… yum!

Photos by GyalAbroad