girl | gyal | noun

a) pronounced Gee-Yal (one syllable). Used by the Caribbean culture. 

b) bada$$ of way of saying girl

Hi there! I’m Jade, welcome to GyalAbroad.

Born and raised on a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, I started GyalAbroad when my husband and I moved to the concrete jungle of Toronto, Canada.

I'm a journalist, videographer, editor and keen photographer. I love to tell any story, all stories, your story and my story! New to the hustle and bustle of the city, I was keen to document our new life in the 6ix. However, after a difficult, bloody cold, amazing, 12 months we have now returned home, right back into the fluffy white sand and bright blues of the Cayman Islands.

I’m a foodie, a gym-goer, “Netflix and chill” girl, dog mum and blogger. After discovering 6 months of winter and not being a fan of it… I now the weekends are full of adventure. You can find me on the beach.



media magic. 

wanderlust. forever. 

cuppa of tea. always.

thor, is my wee boy. 

made in cayman. 

scotish heritage.